Derby Wharf Shed
Seabourn Quest docks in Salem Harbor
The 1956 USGS depicted U.S. Coast Guard Air Station at Winter Island
Photo of Derby Wharf
photo of the Witch's Brew
Photo of Dave Eng's Flower Shop
Derby Wharf Light House
Sunset over Hawthorne Cove Marina
Aerial view of Salem Harbor


We are the Historic Derby Street Neighborhood Association (HDSNA). We're based in Historic Salem, Massachusetts just steps away from Salem Harbor.

  • Photo of the House of 7 Gables
    The House of Seven Gables

    The House of 7 Gables is a major part of the historic Derby Street neighborhood and have been such gracious hosts to our association; providing us wonderful hospitality over the years. Located at 115 Derby Street, locals and visitors alike have discovered this complex of early houses, including Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace, the seven-gabled house of novel fame and its charming seaside gardens overlooking Salem Harbor.



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    The Community Affairs office handles all external inquiries, complaints, & concerns for Footprint Power Salem Harbor Station. The office has 24/7 voicemail. Please use 978-940-8411. A voicemail message should contain all pertinent information such as name of caller, address, phone number and brief description of intended message. A follow-up call will be returned by the Community Affairs Office to speak with the caller directly.

    Marcia MacClary - Director of Public Affairs, Footprint Power
    C: 1-617-697-3820
    H: 1-781-647-3345

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    Salem Willows

    Beautiful shaded seaside grounds, scenic ocean views, public pier, bandstand for concerts, picnic areas, beaches, children's rides, activities and many eateries. One of Salem's treasures, this park has a fascinating history that is described briefly in Salem Tales. For a look at the park, see the pictures in our image gallery, and visit the Salem Willows web site for more information.
    Beyond this neighborhood, across a causeway, lies Winter Island. Over the years it has served a multitude of purposes including fish drying, shipbuilding, and public recreation. Since the 1640's a fort there -- now known as Fort Pickering -- has defended the mouth of Salem Harbor. From the Civil War until 1971 most of Winter Island was under Federal authority. It was used most recently as a Coast Guard base.

  • Destination Salem

    The Office of Tourism & Cultural Affairs for Salem, Massachusetts

    As the official destination marketing organization for the City of Salem, Destination Salem cooperatively markets Salem as one of Massachusetts’ best destinations for families, couples, domestic, and international travelers who are seeking an authentic New England experience, cultural enrichment, American history, fine dining, unique shopping and fun.

    The organization is a non-profit, public-private partnership funded by both the City of Salem and the businesses that invest in advertising in the annual Salem City Guide & Map and the annual Guide to Haunted Happenings.

"Half-way down a by-street of one of our New England towns, stands a rusty wooden house, with seven acutely peaked gables facing towards various points of the compass, and a huge, clustered chimney in the midst." -Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1851

Board for HDSNA as of November, 2016
  • Margaret Crosby, co-chair
  • Wendy Meigs, co-chair
  • Sharon Smith, treasurer
  • Katie Loeffler, secretary
  • Steven Gribbin: communications
  • Ellen Fleming Clark, member-at-large
  • Will Dowd, member-at-large
  • Chris Hatch, member-at-large
  • Dolores Jordan, member-at-large
  • Brianna Kenny, member-at-large
  • Mira Riggin, member-at-large
  • Susan Strauss, member-at-large
The representatives for the mayor's Envision Committee are Sharon Smith and John Zbyszynski.

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